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Saying goodbye might seem insignificant, but It provides a sense of finality.

No one wishes to die and leave our loved ones behind, no matter how long we have lived. Most times, death strikes suddenly without prior warning, leaving you no chance to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you for the last time or make your last request.


Speak to your loved ones from your heart, even in death.

“Last-Request” was created to give you the opportunity to say goodbye after you are dead. The app will allow you to create a personal message for the people you love, representing the farewell of a lifetime of moments together.



Download – Download the app for free from Google Play Store

Choose – The app allows you to fill in the details of up to five people close to your heart. These people will get the message you will make after your death. You also have to decide whether the people you selected are “informed” or “confirm” (confirming that you are not among the living). You can choose both options.

Create This is your personal moment: a gift from “Last-Request” to you. Think about the personal words you wish to say to your loved ones, the last memory you want to create, what you want to be remembered for…. Once you have decided on what you want, proceed to create a video that will be sent to them immediately after approval. You can also create text, picture, and import other files from your phone files, which appear under the “Digital Estate” button in the app.

You should also know that:

Your privacy is fully protected by “Last-Request” You can choose to hide the app from appearing in the application drawer. In case of death, which we don’t wish for, but we know it’s inevitable, the people you preset will receive the personal message you created. However, the messages will only be forwarded after we have personally examined the person chosen by you as the approver.

Why is this important

No man can survive in isolation. We all are surrounded by people in a supportive, loving, and caring environment. In case of sudden death, the people dear to us remain broken and hurt. Many of them torture themselves for not being able to spend the last moment with the person they love so much. Leaving a final message for them through the “Last-Request” application will lessen their pain, soften the heartbreak a little, and console your loved ones in the event of the loss.


Let’s Convey the Words From Your Heart To Those Who Are Dear To You

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