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“The difference between a GOOD investment opportunity a bad one lies in the probability of success and the level of risk.”

“Last-Request” is a good investment opportunity with a high probability of success.

Are you aware that great investments solve a problem? “Last-Request”offers you the opportunity to plan for the end of life and say goodbye to your loved ones without changing the way your loved ones see you in your last days or locking you out of what life has left to offer you.

Death is inevitable. All men shall taste death. Death strikes suddenly without prior warning on most occasion, leaving you no chance to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you for the last time or make your last request. “Last-Request” was birthed out of the desire to give each and everyone the opportunity to prepare ahead for the inevitable. So yes, the app solves a problem which is faced by everyone on planet earth.

Do you know that great investments have a long-term future? People have been dying since the existence of humanity and death will continue to occur as long as humankind continues to exist.”Last-Request” will always be here to offer every man the chance to prepare for when they are no longer on earth.

We are currently doing everything in our capability to improve not only the “Last-Request” application but also partner with funeral homes, lawyers, and life insurance companies. We focus on creating a great product and giving the product the maximum publicity possible.

A great investmentshould be simple to explain and understand. Death is a word that we all can relate to. Each of us has lost someone dear to us at one point in our life. We wish we can see and talk to them once more.

“Last-Request” does not only give you the chance to say goodbye to the people that closest to you but also allows you to write a will online before you die. At Last Request, we plan to release new services that will significantly facilitate the writing of the will. Our advertising and content focus on makingpeople understand the meaning of death, reminds them that death can happen at any time, and also educate them on the need to prepare for death as it’s inevitable.


Asking if you want to make money or lose money would be a dumb question, WE know.

If you desire to grow your wealth, you should invest in this fantastic opportunity: “Last-Request”

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