…Writing of personal wills can be intimidating

…It can also be an arduous task for lawyers

…It can be very strenuous for insurance companies processing will documents

…Funeral homes also face the challenges of keeping track and record of deposits and clients

The LAST-REQUEST App offers a perfect solution to all these challenges

The LAST-REQUEST App is the SMART and INTELLIGENT digital will writing app

The solution you need for efficiency and accuracy

?Do you want to run your business with ease

?Do you want to increase profit

!The get the LAST-REQUEST App

…It will keep in touch and also keep track of your clients in real time

!It makes pricing easy

!Not just these

The LAST-REQUEST app is a multi tasking app. And a future technology plan to match current technological


You can upload a text file on the app

Individuals can write their wills on the app and also make a video presentation of same
?Are you a will writing lawyer

…An insurance practitioner

?Or you own a funeral home

Take advantage of LAST-REQUEST App media advertising and marketing content and grow your business

We also have a continuation plan for future wills

And a future technology plan to match current technological advancement


Download the LAST-REQUEST App now from Google Play Store
!And grow your profit

:If you want more details and ask more questions you can always find us


b2b@Last-Request.com or Send a message for +972546055244 (only with WhatsApp

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