,To give people a last chance to say goodbye“
"and leave a memory of them




:The current state of business
.The business is at the beginning of the road. This is a new application recently launched . By a young Israeli  Aviv atun, the application is an original idea of ??the entrepreneur following a case that happened to him in life. The app is marketed on Google Play, it also has a Facebook business page, instagrem page, and a web page on Google
Application as of today
.Development and marketing


".Our product is an app called "Last-Request
.The service we offer is a final request before death
.Last Request" actually gives you a chance to say goodbye to the people that closest to you, and in addition, write a will online as you wish before you leave
.Last-Request" is marketed on Google Play and can be downloaded for free on Android devices"
:Our competitive advantage
.There are 2 versions of the app, one is marketed for free on Google Play and works on a smart sms system, and the other is powered by a smart algorithm that detects the latest use of the smartphone (this version does not market), and can identify a non-use. In case of non-use we immediately contact the user and if he does not answer , we will contact the people closest to him. If we receive information that the person is no longer alive, then with the click of a button we send everything he wants to those people he has defined. As mentioned above, five people close to him


:Our customers are
We turn to the general population except children
.We turn to both sexes men and women
 :From ages 18-85
 Our product turns to Especially  people who work in life-threatening  jobs
We will start with soldiers serving in the Defense Forces
,People who work in considered life-threatening, also to the population suffering from terminal  Diseases
And general to people who live the real reality that life can end in one moment without any prior warning and even that you are perfectly healthy


.We distribute our app through : Facebook, Google, instagrem, twitter and Google Store
.Users can download the application to theirs smartphone
Our customers come through advertising
and people who have the app and recommend it

   .As of today our Market Place is in the beginning, the app is free for android smart phones. We advertising all the time in social media
.In addition, because we are just started our journey with the app  we not yet profitable but we have users and people all over the world downloading and using our app

We appeal to the general population, but mainly to the type of population that is at high daily risk
.Such as military personnel, police, security personnel, firefighters, people who work in places defined as life-threatening
.We also appeal to the older population and people with terminal illnesses
The people who interested to purchase our app have in common that they want to leave a massage to their loved ones after they’ll gone

... Our goal is to help people leave a memory of them to the people who love them, and thus if something happens to them to ease the pain and sorrow of their loved ones