operating instructions


Level 1 Connect to the application Enter your personal phone number and click Submit. To receive an SMS PIN You can also login through your Facebook account

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After we have received the personal SMS code, click on the command line and click send

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After the system has confirmed your phone / Facebook number. Enter your personal information. First name, Last name, Password, Confirm password. And then click send

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After connecting to the system you will be asked to give personal details such as. (Optional) in the bottom line to give maximum time that you are not using your smartphone. You can hide the app from the application drawer to keep it private, and then click Sign Up

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Step 2. Once you have entered your details you have come to actually edit the digital estate on this screen will quickly edit your estate by video, text, documents and more. In this screen you will also edit the list of people to whom your estate will arrive if you are fired. Enter the details of the most loved and closest people to serve as your real-time informants.

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When you click on selected contacts, the contacts will appear from your smartphone list. You can add them with the + button on the bottom right.

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Once you have selected selected contacts you must enter their details (such as first name, last name, phone number, e-mail, and what they are for you). Once you enter all the details of the selected contact you want the will to reach and become your informant. You can make him a video and a small message in which you inform him that you chose him to inform us of his fate.

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By clicking on the Digital Property you will scroll to this screen by clicking + You can insert files dear to you so they will remember from you the good things you wanted to know such as (pictures, videos, letter and more)

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By pressing the Last Request button, you are shooting a 5-minute video in which you are actually saying everything you would like to know after you die to the people you love


After you have edited your digital estate and have approved the terms of use the system will be activated and our algorithm will be able to identify your use of cellular. It is important to note that you must give accurate details so that we can give you a good and professional service. At any stage you can delete your estate from our system. We wish you a good and healthy life. Last request