Last Request - The Message Remains After You

We wish to ourselves a good and long life, Unfortunately, the general reality is fraught with tragedies. Many people die from the world without warning, Death strikes suddenly and often happens before they can tell their loved ones last words

Words from the heart

For this purpose we created the "Last-Request", The app will allow you to create a personal message for people you love

? How It Work


Download - Download the app for free


Choose - Select up to five people close to your heart and fill in their details - these people will get the message you will make. In doing so , decide whether they are "informed" or "confirm" (confirming that you are not among the living). you can also mark both together


Create - This is your personal moment. Think about the personal massage you want to say to your loved ones, and what would you like to be remembereed, you can do so by creating a video that will be sent to them immediately after approval, or create text, picture, and importing other files in your phone files appear under the "Digital Estate" button in the app


...Worthwhile Know

Your privacy is fully protected moreover, You can choose to hide the app from appearing in the applicaation drawer, in case of death, God forbid, The people you preset will receive the personal massage you created, this is after we personally examine the person chosen by you as approver


?Why is this important

Every person surrounds homself in a supportive, loving and caring environment. in case of sudden death, The people dear to us remain broken and hurt, many of them torture themselves for not being able to hear last words from the person they love so much. using the application will allow you to soften the heartbreak a little and give your loved ones consolation in the event of loss


   Let's Tell People Who Are Dear To You Words From The Heart


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