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Something Last Of You

Something Last Of You


Saying goodbye might seem insignificant, but It provides a sense of finality. No one wishes to die and leave our loved ones behind, no matter how long we have lived. Most times, death strikes suddenly...
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In the worst of all circumstances, anything could happen. Death is inevitable,and no one can really predict what may happen at the end of lifeor when death will actually occur. Every day we live to...
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“The difference between a GOOD investment opportunity a bad one lies in the probability of success and the level of risk.” “Last-Request” is a good investment opportunity with a high probability of success. Are you...
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“The true quality of life isn’t in the length of time spent on earth but the nature of how well we learn to utilize every second, regardless of how short or long that may come to be.”

We face death a number of times in our lifetimes, both in combat and some medical problems. We sometimes believe we have the experience to know when the end will be. The bitter truth is that we never can tell when the end is going to be.

Are you suffering from a terminal illness?

Do you have a high-risk job such as military personnel, police, security personnel, firefighters, or medical professionals treating highly-contagious diseases?

Do you believe the real reality that life can end in one moment without any prior warning and even that you are perfectly healthy?

Are you a Will Attorney, Funeral Home, Life Insurance Company looking to grow your business and hunt for potential customers?


then the “Last-Request” mobile app is just for you.


Prepare for the inevitable, prepare for DEATH. People prefer not to think about it. But no one can get away from death; it’s an assurance. The only thing left of us is our memory and our Last Request.

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Saying goodbye might seem insignificant, but It provides a sense of finality.

No one wishes to die and leave our loved ones behind, no matter how long we have lived. Most times, death strikes suddenly without prior warning, leaving you no chance to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you for the last time or make your last request.


Speak to your loved ones from your heart, even in death.

“Last-Request” was created to give you the opportunity to say goodbye after you are dead. The app will allow you to create a personal message for the people you love, representing the farewell of a lifetime of moments together.



Download – Download the app for free from Google Play Store

Choose – The app allows you to fill in the details of up to five people close to your heart. These people will get the message you will make after your death. You also have to decide whether the people you selected are “informed” or “confirm” (confirming that you are not among the living). You can choose both options.

Create This is your personal moment: a gift from “Last-Request” to you. Think about the personal words you wish to say to your loved ones, the last memory you want to create, what you want to be remembered for…. Once you have decided on what you want, proceed to create a video that will be sent to them immediately after approval. You can also create text, picture, and import other files from your phone files, which appear under the “Digital Estate” button in the app.

You should also know that:

Your privacy is fully protected by “Last-Request” You can choose to hide the app from appearing in the application drawer. In case of death, which we don’t wish for, but we know it’s inevitable, the people you preset will receive the personal message you created. However, the messages will only be forwarded after we have personally examined the person chosen by you as the approver.

Why is this important

No man can survive in isolation. We all are surrounded by people in a supportive, loving, and caring environment. In case of sudden death, the people dear to us remain broken and hurt. Many of them torture themselves for not being able to spend the last moment with the person they love so much. Leaving a final message for them through the “Last-Request” application will lessen their pain, soften the heartbreak a little, and console your loved ones in the event of the loss.


Let’s Convey the Words From Your Heart To Those Who Are Dear To You

If you believe in preparing for certainty, click here

Smart will


Launched by Israeli Aviv Atun, Last-Request is a mobile application marketed on Google Play with a Facebook business page, Instagram page, and a web page on Google. “Last-Request” offers you the opportunity to plan for the end of life and say goodbye to your loved ones without changing the way your loved ones see you in your last days or locking you out of what life has left to offer you.

Last-Request gives you the chance to express how you feel, pass important messages across to your loved ones while you are gone, and make final requests before death. Last-Request does not only give you the chance to say goodbye to the people that closest to you but also allows you to write a will online before you die.

 Moments, one after another, each unique and sacred in its own way, waiting to be etched forever in memories or lost in the sea of millions of other ordinary moments. Take advantage of Last-Request and spend your moments wisely, saying beautiful things to your loved ones. So what are you waiting for? Remember that every moment you live is a gift. Download Last-Request for free now on your Android device to leave a message to your loved ones after you have gone.

aviv atun 


The Last-Request app has two versions

Version 1: This version is marketed for free on Google Play and works on a smart SMS system,

Version 2: This version is powered by a smart algorithm that detects the latest use of the smartphone (this version does not market), and can identify a non-use.

In the case of non-use, we immediately contact the user, and if he does not answer, we will contact the people closest to him. If we receive information that the person is no longer alive, then with the click of a button, we send everything he wants to those people he has earlier defined.


… Our goal is to help people leave a final and lasting memory for their loved ones while easing the pain and sorrow of their loss.




The last request company works hard and diligently to establish its project most effectively and effectively to help people share their truth and desires even after their death.

How many times have you heard statements such as “if that person knew what to do after his death, he would turn over in his grave”? How many times have you heard of people who were killed and murdered in stupid and questionable ways?

Unfortunately, no one heard their voices. So this vital application gives the answers to all those who, in the future, will want to listen to their voice even after their death in a simple and efficient digital form. Please donate to this course now!


The last request is looking for potential investors interested in taking our venture forward and even enjoying the profits they will receive for their investment. Are you interested in taking part in a special and unique project where you do make not only money but also help your entire communities and people?

Send us an email now, and we will contact you as soon as possible …

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